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How To Fix Ghost Print Printed From Brother Printer?

There may be several reasons for getting ghost print, some of which is due to low temperature or low humidity climates. Using other brand products such as cartridges, drum, etc. cause ghosting images, also incorrect media type cause the same problem. To avoid all this, read and follow the given steps:

  • Use the correct paper type according to the print you want for e.g. envelope and letter requires different paper type.
  • Verify the Brother machine’s environment. The normal and recommended temperature is 50 to 90.5 degree F and. High temperature may sometime cause shading on the paper.
  • Ensure that you choose correct media type in the printer driver.
    • Go to Printer driver properties.
    • Click Basic tab and then open the drop-down list for Media type selection.
    • Try selecting a different setting.
  • Verify the print quality by pressing Menu button.
  • Clean the drum of the Brother machine in a proper way. Ensure to power off the machine while doing the cleaning and remove all the dust and unwanted foreign material from the drum unit surface.
  • Now make 10 blank copies on a blank sheet of paper in the ADF and then press Copy, 1, 0, Start on the machine. Doing this will remove any material that is left in the machine.
  • If the problem is not resolved till now then check if you are using genuine Brother supplies i.e. cartridges and drum. Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures that are matched exactly to each of their individual toner formulations. Using other brand cartridges may affect the hardware performance and print quality of the machine.

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